Joe B Trinitas is Responsible for my COVID Recovery

"They were terrific! Calming, understanding, comforting and above all most professional!”

"My name is Joe Burns and I am 88 years old. I contracted the COVID virus through a session with my physical therapist on December 1. He notified me the next day that he was infected. On Saturday December 5th, I began to really feel ill, so I was tested on Monday December 7. QUEST advised me on December 9 of my positive test. I was admitted to the Emergency Department of Trinitas on Tuesday, December 15th. My physical condition was poor due to inability to sleep, lack of appetite, always feeling nauseous, very weak and extremely tired. At times, I could hardly move. 

Dr. John D'Angelo and the Trinitas Emergency Room Staff were absolutely amazing. After determining what was needed to be done, they immediately diagnosed how to proceed then spent a number of hours implementing their plan. 

The nurses administered an IV, steroids and the Monoclonal antibodies throughout the next several hours. It truly was the difference maker. I am so grateful to the entire staff at Trinitas, admitting personnel, Dr. D'Angelo, all the nurses, etc. They were terrific! Calming, understanding, comforting and above all most professional! 

Believe me when I say, Trinitas is responsible for my recovery. The dedication and commitment to patients like me is so important for better health which is exactly why Trinitas should be recognized as a great hospital!"