Caryl R Stress Management with a Twist

“A dynamic speaker that can motivate, engage and train an audience all at the same time.”

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Thomas Moore who recently conducted a training at our Corporate Care Holiday party. This was the first time we gathered all of our Corporate Care employees throughout the system at one location. As a result, it was important that we had a solid speaker who could promote a positive and engaging spirit, but could still provide a worthwhile training for our staff, which comprised of physicians, advance practice nurses, LPN's and CMA's.

My staff and I were thoroughly impressed with Thomas and his speaking skills. He presented a challenging subject on stress management during our first annual Corporate Care team meeting. However, although it was a unique environment, he adapted extremely well and engaged the staff creating an atmosphere of interaction and relaxation simultaneously, and left the audience feeling refreshed and enthused. Staff continues to talk about the holiday party in a positive light, and much of the credit goes to Thomas Moore for the great job he did with the presentation.

We were previously considering an outside consultant at a cost of $2,000. thomas provided us a free resource that far exceeded our expectations, and also exceeded what the consultant was offering. 

We are looking forward to inviting Thomas Moore back to provide our staff with additional training. We would also strongly recommend him for any organization or department that is seeking a dynamic speaker that can motivate, engage and train an audience all at the same time. 


Caryl Russo
Senior Vice President, Corporate Care