Raymond Raymond's Patient Story

I cannot emphasize enough how much Hospice does for the living.

I cannot emphasize enough how much Hospice does for the living.

My beloved wife received the most compassionate care from the Hospice team during the last few months of her life. I am so grateful for everything they did for her and for the support they still provide to me. We are the perfect example of what hospice does for both the dying and the living.

When one person dies, many are left behind trying to cope with the loss. At such a difficult time, Hospice provided comfort for both of us.

After a few short months on hospice, Liz, my beloved wife of 15 years, succumbed to her long battle with cervical cancer. Each member of the hospice team was extraordinary. They were so kind and gentle. Their genuine compassion is something I will never forget. They were so good to Liz and truly raised her spirits when they came to visit. They also helped me find strength where I didn’t think it existed.

Dealing with the loss of such an important person was not easy. She was my entire life. The hospice team gave Liz and me more time to enjoy special moments like those spent listening to opera together, thanks to the Music & Memory program. And, when it was time, they helped me let her go peacefully.

Nearly two years later, I still meet with a hospice bereavement counsellor and I attend many of the wonderful programs they put on

including the Magic in Music event that was dedicated last year in memory of my Liz. I also took advantage of the Memory Bear project, ordering two bears for my granddaughters and one for me, all made from some of Liz’s clothing. And, when I could not pick them up myself, a member of the Hospice staff delivered them to me!

What Hospice did for my wife, they have done double for me. I will never forget the first moment I saw my Liz. She captured my heart on that first date and her death shattered me. Hospice continues to help me pick up the pieces.