Emma F Orthopedic Institute - Emma's Story

“The surgeons and health care team at Jersey City Medical Center made me feel extremely comfortable."

After high school, Emma Flannery traded in her soccer and lacrosse cleats for running sneakers. This avid recreational runner enjoyed staying fit and active. Last spring, as a Boston College freshman, she set out on a run with a friend that ended badly.

According to Emma, “I was running on cobblestone when l suddenly tripped landing on my shoulder and breaking my collarbone. After it happened I flew home and went straight to Jersey City Medical Center from the airport that night. Less than 12 hours later, I returned for surgery, a surgery that I was hesitant about.”

That hesitation didn’t last as Jersey City Medical Center Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Frank Liporace thoughtfully walked her through all her concerns and explained that surgery would give her the best outcome for her injury. Though there was a chance that her collarbone would heal without surgery, there was also a significant possibility that even if the bone managed to grow into the space the extra calcification required for the healing of the bone in such a wide gap would result in a growth the size of a huge baseball permanently sitting on her shoulder. Emma explained that the surgeon’s logic and the potential outcome convinced her to have surgery on her right clavicle.

“The surgeons and health care team at Jersey City Medical Center made me feel extremely comfortable. They were exceptionally accommodating and truly cared about all aspects of my care and pain management. They were on top of various challenges that arose because of medication intolerance.”

She recovered and was well enough to return to school after two weeks at home. She started running again two months after surgery. Now, Emma continues to lace up her sneakers and heads out to pound the pavement five times a week.