Liam NICU Family Story: Miracle Baby Liam

After 148 days, we got the chance to bring Liam home for the very first time.

“Our son Liam was born at 23 weeks, in April of 2018. He weighed only 1 lb., 0.1oz, as did his identical twin brother Nicholas. That day was the most beautiful and terrifying day of our entire life when a parent’s worst fear and greatest love can be found all in the same place. The plastic incubators held the most fragile human lives. The bright lights, the beeping machines, and the vibrating ventilator. You can see it as depressing and harsh, but I saw it as a place of incredible hope.

Despite our children being in incubators, we were still able to be parents. We still held their fragile bodies, despite all the tubing. We changed their tiny diapers and touched their fragile fingers. We did everything a parent would do, but we just did it in the NICU. They were our babies and we needed them to feel that we were there for them, willing to fight all the way. But this journey was a long one. One day, you can go through all the emotions: fear, anger, happiness. You learn to take one day at a time. First it’s hour by hour, then day by day, then week by week. But you draw on strength you never knew you had. You experience emotions you never knew were in you.

Liam Family In May of 2018, God decided to give Nicholas a different path and we lost him. We were robbed of so many moments with him and that we will never be able to give him but now he is watching over his brother Liam. Liam, you are the most strong, smart, and beautiful little boy we ever laid eyes on. You are the reflection of your brother and forever 2 in 1. After 148 days, we got the chance to bring you home for the very first time.

Today, Liam is a smart and happy 3 year old little guy that is receiving early intervention one time a week for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. He is doing amazing and we are so proud of him! He is doing everything a little boy his age should be doing and all his therapists say so!

To all the NICU parents: Congratulations on bringing life into this crazy world. Whether your pregnancy was short or long, whether this day was expected or unexpected, I understand all the feelings you may be experiencing, but more than anything please don’t lose hope. I know the feelings of walking into the NICU and seeing your tiny baby hooked up to wires and machines. Still one thing is for sure, I know the NICU changes you for the better. This long journey will make you a better parent and a better person and one day your preemie will also turn into a feisty three-year-old. I also know that the NICU will always be a part of you. Pray, hope and believe because miracles do happen!”


Victor, Nicole and our miracle baby - Liam

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