Cecelia M Life After Colon Cancer

I am delighted to say that I am cancer-free and living a health life.

My name is Ceclia Mazza. I am a grateful patient from Monmouth Medical Center. In early April 2018, I was having lower abdominal pain with constipation for a couple of weeks. I kept putting off seeking medical advice because I was caring for my ill mother.

The pain quickly started getting worse and I was unable to eat. At that point, I knew I needed help. I went to an urgent care center who directed me to Monmouth Medical Center. I was fortunate to meet the brilliant Dr. Arvanitis, who quickly diagnosed and developed a plan of treatment for my obstructing colon cancer, including emergent surgery for cancer. Those are two words no one wants to hear “surgery” and “cancer.” I had no idea what to expect, but the staff was so outstanding that I can recall them by name, Robin, Maja, Dana, Courtney, Brad, Andrew, Rita, Nick, Megan, and Cristina. They always walked into my room with a smile explaining eery detail of my treatment.

I underwent a colon resection with formation of a temporary colostomy on April 12, 2018. Following a course of chemotherapy, I returned to Monmouth Medical Center for successful reversal of my colostomy in September. I was pleased to be treated by the same staff that I saw my first time around, and this time they remembered me by name when I arrived.

Today, I am delighted to say that I am cancer-free and living a health life.