Robert D How Weight Loss Surgery Changes Lives: Robert's Story

“This surgery was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Robert Dolan, 58

Emergency medical technician

Year of surgery: 2021

Pounds lost: 64

Anish Nihalani, MD
Anish Nihalani, MD

Biggest benefit: I’m more energetic. As an EMT, I can run up and down stairs without getting out of breath. My knees and back don’t hurt anymore, and my sleep apnea went away.

Lifestyle change: I had to prepare for the surgery for six months, meeting with dietitians and doctors and even a psychiatrist. Now I do cardio exercise in the gym several times a week and I’ve altered my diet. When you work for Emergency Medical Services, you don’t sit down—you’re eating on the go, and that makes it hard. But now I avoid junk food and soda, and I eat more slowly and in small portions.

Bariatric surgery changes a person physically, but patients find it transforms their lives as well,” says Anish Nihalani, MD, Medical Director of the Surgical Weight Loss Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Rahway. “They develop new habits and new attitudes, as well as the understanding that surgery is the first step of a journey.”

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