Devang M How Weight Loss Surgery Changes Lives: Devang’s Story

“I lost the weight of a whole other person.”

Devang Merchant, 46

Manager, Superior Court of NJ

Year of surgery: 2019

Pounds lost: 150

Anish Nihalani, MD
Anish Nihalani, MD

Biggest benefit: Heightened energy. I’d never had the desire to exercise before, and now I regularly walk and do three miles in under an hour. In the past I wouldn’t head outside if it were raining or cold, but then Dianne Errichetti, the program coordinator, asked me, “Do you think you’re going to melt?” I think of her now, and just layer up, even if it’s snowing.

Lifestyle change: I avoid fast food and eating out. I plan my meals, and I don’t keep snacks in the house.

Bariatric surgery changes a person physically, but patients find it transforms their lives as well,” says Anish Nihalani, MD, Medical Director of the Surgical Weight Loss Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Rahway. “They develop new habits and new attitudes, as well as the understanding that surgery is the first step of a journey.”

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