Dianne Hospice Care - Dianne's Story

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my mother. She was truly my best friend.

The bond I shared with Mom is something I will cherish forever. She was a wonderful woman, dedicated to her family and community. Mother to four children, my mom Rose was also an active member of many local organizations. She even became the first female Vice Commander of the American Ex-Prisoner of War, Garden State Chapter #1. Dad survived being captured during World War II in the first daylight raid over Berlin while he was serving as a member of the Army Air Force. She was passionate about honoring dad’s service to his country and the sacrifices made by so many members of our Armed Forces.

Mom was always taking care of others.

So, when the time came for me to take care of her, I was eager to share my gratitude for all she has done for me. And, as I realized how difficult the role of caregiver can be, I was thankful that I had the support of Hospice.

My mother was diagnosed at 86-years-old with end stage multiple myeloma, a cancer that forms in the plasma cells. She passed away four months later. When her health began to decline, my mother told me her wish was to live through Christmas. Hospice helped us reach that milestone. We had a quiet Christmas dinner surrounded by family. I will never forget the gift of mom’s presence there.

During the last month of her life, Mom received the most compassionate, dignified care from the Hospice team. Each person was knowledgeable, kind and gentle. As the primary caregiver, they taught me the practical skills I needed to help Mom and provided emotional support when I needed it most. After my mom died, I received information from the bereavement department about their Bear Hugs program and recently picked up the bears that the volunteers lovingly sewed for me from my mother’s clothing. I cannot put into words what I feel for each of them. I am so very grateful for everything Hospice did for both of us. We are the perfect example of what Hospice does for both the dying and the living.

Hospice is something no one wants to talk about but, I can tell you firsthand, having Hospice available when you need it most, truly is a gift. I hope that the generosity of individuals like you and I will ensure the very best Hospice care continues to be available to all those in need well into the future.

Dianne Tedesco, Bloomfield NJ

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