Betty & Art R Giving Relationship

A planned gift highlights one couple's longtime commitment to RWJUH Somerset.

When Arthur (Art) Roswell first met the woman he married in 1954, he was impressed by her generosity and humility—which were not what he had expected. “She was one of the least spoiled people I ever knew,” he says of Elizabeth (Betty) Blaustein Roswell, who hailed from a family that was civically engaged in the Baltimore community and who passed away in December 2020.

Tributes describe Betty’s decades of philanthropy and service along with a bright, joyful personality marked by an exuberant smile, infectious laugh, self-deprecating wit, humble outlook and endless curiosity.

Together, the Roswells became renowned for their generosity and community engagement. Art, now retired, holds a doctorate in metallurgic engineering from Yale University, worked in engineering management and has held numerous board positions in both industrial and community organizations. The couple has financially supported and served a wide range of causes throughout Central New Jersey, the nation and the world, including numerous organizations and initiatives reflecting the Roswells’ deep commitment to Judaism.

Upon her death, Betty also made a substantial bequest to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Somerset. “Over many years, the Roswells have been very philanthropic and generous with RWJUH Somerset,” says Donna Castronovo, Vice President, Foundation and Development, Somerset Health Care Foundation. “Planned giving is visionary support that indicates donors have thought carefully and consider the hospital very important to them. The Roswells have been among our most consistent and generous donors, and we are extremely grateful for their affinity, generosity and service.”


To Art, being generous is important but unremarkable. “Both Betty and I were brought up that way,” he says. “Giving was part of our families from way back.” Past support for RWJUH Somerset has funneled through the Blaustein Philanthropic Group, a constellation of multigenerational family foundations in which Betty held a board position.

But the couple’s connections to RWJUH Somerset are personal as well as philanthropic. “Two of our daughters were born at this hospital,” Art says. “Betty had some heart problems, and her cardiologist at the hospital impressed me. It became our family hospital, and that led me to want to become more involved.”

Their affinity grew through positive impressions the hospital made on Art as he became increasingly engaged in leadership. Early on, he noted that the hospital was forward-thinking about the importance of advance directives, especially in end-of-life situations. “I was very pleased that our hospital did a good job with those,” Art says. He was also impressed by the hospital’s emphasis on having board-certified doctors.

Art has served on numerous RWJUH Somerset boards, including those of the hospital and the Somerset Health Care Foundation, where he maintains an emeritus post, along with a wide variety of committees.

“As part of their philanthropy and service, the Roswells have contributed to all manner of events at the hospital,” Castronovo says. “From ground breakings and ribbon cuttings to large community gatherings like the long-running Music at Moorland event, if they could be there, they were. A hospital needs that kind of support, and the Roswells have been wonderful ambassadors for RWJUH Somerset.”

“The Roswells have been thoughtful, lifelong supporters of RWJUH Somerset, and we’re honored that they provided for the hospital in their estate plan,” says Greg Ellmer, Vice President of Gift Planning. “Forward-thinking gifts like these help to ensure that future generations will have access to extraordinary health care.”

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