Stephanie Q Faces of Breast Cancer - Stephanie's Story

"You need to be your own advocate. If you feel a lump get it evaluated."

Stephanie Quinton, 29-year-old breast cancer survivor, works for Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey.

When Stephanie noticed an unusual lump on her breast, she immediately went to a physician. After being told to monitor it twice, and knowing her strong family history of breast cancer, Stephanie insisted on getting a second opinion. It was then she was evaluated at The Breast Center at the Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center and was diagnosed with the disease. Being so young, her multidisciplinary team of physicians worked together to preserve her fertility by freezing her eggs prior to treatment and from then on she worked with her "dream team" of oncologists, breast surgeon and plastic surgeon.

Her journey through treatment inspired another journey for her Girl Scout Troop 96027. Stephanie challenged each troop member to remind five women to get their mammogram. The girls quickly became strong advocates, reminding parents, teachers and family friends all to get their mammograms. “You need to be your own advocate. If you feel a lump get it evaluated,” Stephanie shares.

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