Gladys and Grace Faces of Breast Cancer: Grace and Gladys

Sisters, Nurses, Breast Cancer Survivors

Identical twins Gladys and Grace have more in common than being nurses. Both are breast cancer survivors; Grace for 13 years and Gladys for 12 years. When Grace was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. Her daughter was only a high school freshman and Grace just hoped to be able to see her graduate. A year later, Gladys, an interventional radiology nurse, learned she had breast cancer.

Since being diagnosed, these grateful sisters provide hope to others who are just starting their cancer journey. Today, both appreciate their health and give glory to God for their healing. They are thankful for the great care they received from their doctors and nurses; and for the support of their family and friends throughout their journey. They look forward to retiring next year so they can travel, serve their church and community and spend more time with their family.

Gladys and Grace

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