Opportunity Project

Opportunity Project, a program empowering individuals over the age of 18 with brain injury, was founded in 1993 by two families whose sons had sustained brain injuries. Their goal was to fill a significant gap in community services due to the absence of effective transitional and reintegration services within the community for persons with brain injury.

Since its inception, Opportunity Project has served over 630 Members affected by brain injury and their families, providing Members with the opportunity to build cognitive skills, vocational skills, self-esteem, and confidence in their ability to accomplish productive activities.

In 2019, Opportunity Project partnered with Children’s Specialized Hospital, an RWJBarnabas Health facility, in an effort to provide a point of entry into the adult service market for people with special health care needs. This partnership has provided an opportunity to address challenges associated with child-to-adult transitions when it comes to programs, services, care, and community integration for these young adults.

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Opportunity Project