Residency Faculty Members

Department of Internal Medicine Faculty Members

Douglas Ratner, MD Robert Spira, MD
Vice President and Chairman of Medicine
Rao Mikkilineni, MD Rao Mikkilineni, MD
Vice Chairman of Medicine,
Chief, Pulmonary Medicine,
Medical Director of Respiratory Care Services
Joseph R. DePasquale, MD Joseph R. DePasquale, MD
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Mary Abed, MD Mary Abed, MD
Chief of Cardiology
Timothy Brannan, MD Timothy Brannan, MD
Chief of Neurology
David Flores, MD David Flores, MD
Chief, Critical Care
Adriana Grigoriu, MD Adriana Grigoriu, MD
Chief, Infectious Disease
Preston Hupart, DO Preston Hupart, DO
Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory
Vinod Kapoor, MD Vinod Kapoor, MD
Musaid Khan, MD Musaid Khan, MD
Anthony Mangia, MD Anthony Mangia, MD
Infectious Disease
Jyoti Matta, MD Jyoti Matta, MD
Associate Chief, Medical Intensive Care
Associate Program Director of Medicine
Barry Weiner, MD Barry Weiner, MD
Professor Emeritus of Renal Department,
Associate Program Director of Medicine

Academic Hospitalists

Srinivas Gongireddy, MD Srinivas Gongireddy, MD
Chief Hospitalist