Internal Medicine

A Message from the Chairman and Program Director of the Department of Internal Medicine

Jersey City Medical Center is an acute care inner city municipal hospital with 326 beds serving a multicultural population base with a growing new immigrant population. This setting offers an ideal venue for Internal Medicine training of a multi-ethnic Resident staff with emphasis on hands on experience and proximate patient care.

Our Residents mature into competent Board Certified Internists under the guidance of well-qualified faculty representing a wide spectrum of specialties. Since the last RRC visit, we have moved into a modern new state of the art hospital, which serves as an ideal setting to learn, and more importantly on the part of the patient, recover from their illness.

A revised innovative and forward thinking curriculum emphasizing the core competencies through objective examples, a self-motivated resident group, a fully supportive administrative department, and a well-qualified enthusiastic faculty are the strengths of the program.

Furthermore, the Program Director makes a supreme effort to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which to promote a “family atmosphere” among the house staff and faculty. Efforts such as “pot luck luncheons”, holiday parties featuring skits and parodies, and frequent town hall meetings where residents can air their concerns. Furthermore, a vibrant mentor system and open door policy to the Program Director’s office, all contribute to this “family atmosphere.”

Jersey City Medical Center has just emerged from a year long cost cutting endeavor spearheaded by the Wellspring Consulting Group with the Internal Medicine Residency Program still strong and enjoying the full support of Mr. Joseph Scott, the new CEO. Mr. Scott came to the hospital from a teaching facility in Broward County, Florida.

Immediately upon beginning, Mr. Scott stated emphatically that Medical Education is key to building a reputable hospital system. He has encouraged my efforts to seek out fellowships in medical subspecialties, place graduates in practice in the area, and build other residencies as well.