Graduation Requirements

Residency Project Requirement:

  • One scholarly research project based on a quality improvement initiative
  • One medication use evaluation
  • Prepare and submit a manuscript of project results to a peer-reviewed journal prior to graduation

Presentation Requirement:

Provide successfully (>80% achieved objectives), at a minimum, the following presentations in the year:

  • One patient case presentation
  • One journal club
  • One Noon Conference or Grand Rounds lecture
  • One continuing education lecture to pharmacy staff
  • One healthcare professional education program
  • Provide/participate in at least 2 community outreach events per month

Professional Development Requirement:

  • Maintain active involvement in ASHP and NJSHP (New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
    • NJSHP annual membership is reimbursed
  • Attend four (4) professional meetings

Leadership/Management Requirement:

  • Attend/participate in the following committee meetings at least once per quarter
    • Parkinson's Disease Patient Family Advisory Council
    • Falls Committee
    • Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
  • Attend/observe in the following committee meetings as a guest at least once per year
    • Department Head Meeting
    • Corporate Directors Meeting
    • Corporate Clinical Coordinators Meeting

Licensure Requirement:

Obtain New Jersey State Pharmacy licensure by September 1st of the year the residency begins (unless special circumstances arise and a written agreement is reached)