Pharmacy Residency Program

Welcome to Clara Maass Medical Center

The Pharmacy Residency Program at Clara Maass Medical Center provides an environment designed to produce competent and compassionate health system pharmacists. The program provides residents with a variety of opportunities to develop their clinical, communication and leadership skills all while providing superior care to patients.

Mission and Vision

Clara Maass' Mission is to provide "exceptional" Services and Quality to its Community through its Passion for Excellence and Perfection.

CLARA'S Values

C - Commitment & Compassion
L - Leadership & Loyalty
A - Accountability at all levels of the organization
R - Respect & Recognition for all customers and stakeholders
A - Agility through its strategic positioning plan and management by facts decision making
S - Safety and Satisfaction by focusing on safe environment and meeting the requirements of its key customers and stakeholders.

Clara Maass' Vision

An exceptional place to get care and an exceptional place to give care.

ashp accredited