Drug Information Center

The Drug Information Center is currently staffed by one drug information specialist who is responsible for responding to drug information requests regarding appropriate therapy for a disease state, adverse drug reactions, medication efficacy, drug interactions, intravenous additive incompatibilities, pharmacokinetic drug parameters, and information on newly approved medications.

The drug information specialist also precepts residents and students, and prepares drug monographs for Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees, medication class reviews, medication use evaluations, develops/revises hospital policies, and assists with the editing and publishing of research articles.

In 2022, the accomplishments of the Drug Information Center were:

  • Drug Information Questions: 1,254
  • Medication Use Evaluations: 1
  • Drug Monographs: 53
  • Precepting of Students, Fellows and Residents: 19—This includes 12 students, 4 PGY1 residents, 2 PGY2 residents and 1 fellow
  • National Platform Presentations: 2
  • National Poster Presentations: 5

Emily Aboujaoude, PharmD Emily Aboujaoude, PharmD
Clinical Assistant Professor – Rutgers University, Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Drug Information Residency Program Director – Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital