Nutrition and Movement: The Dynamic Duo for Unbreakable Bones (in-person)

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How you eat and move greatly impacts your bone health – two things we can do something about! Join us for an interactive discussion on the topic with two dynamic speakers. First, Chase Stopyra, DPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services at MMCSC and Board Certified Geriatric Physical Therapist, will discuss how to keep our body at its peak performance. He will share tips on increasing strength, flexibility, balance as well as simple daily exercises you can do to improve your bone health. Next, Jennifer Klein, MS, RDN, will explore the role that many nutrients play in our bone health and simple recipes you can make to incorporate these essentials into your diet.

LiveWell Center

200 Wyckoff Rd. Suite 1200

Eatontown, NJ 07724

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