NeuroMovement®: From Fixing to Connecting, the 9 Essentials and the “One Brain” Proposition Move From Limitation to Possibility and Wake up the brain for potent learning (Presented by NJACE)

When a child has challenges: motor, cognitive, emotional, or social, we look to help the child, as we should. We engage them in one or more interventions that aim to achieve certain outcomes, i.e., aim to “fix” them. Often what is overlooked is the child’s continuous felt experience while intervention is taking place. That subjective experience can be decisive in success, failure, or even damage caused to the child.

In this webinar, Anat Baniel will discuss:

• From fixing to Connecting – a paradigm shift
• Is what we teach, what is learned?
• The extent of the child’s (or adult’s) current challenges is not a signifier of their potential to learn and transform, nor does it define future possibilities
• The importance of diagnosis and the dangers hidden therein.
• Transforming interventions: from a mechanical, cause and effect approach, to an information system approach
• Movement as a window to the brain and path to potent learning – nonseparation of “body” and “mind”
• From (presumed) certainties to probabilities: creating the conditions that wake up the brain to potent learning and change
• The “how”- From Fixing to Connecting and the 9 Essentials for parents, caregivers and professionals
• Neuroplasticity leading to positive or negative outcomes: excessive repetitions as an example and the risk of loss of agency.
• The “One Brain Principle” - The adult’s role in the child’s success.
• The brain is the brain is the brain: no matter the diagnosis, age, gender, or condition, underlying processes in the brain can potentiate positive neuroplasticity and learning for anyone.
• ABM®NeuroMovement® in schools

There will also be a short experiential NeuroMovement® lesson, short video showing work with a child and Q&A.

Speaker: Anat Baniel, Founder of Anat Baniel Method®NeuroMovement®

This webinar is presented by the NJ Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE)