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Louis H Stein MD,PhD

Louis H. Stein, MD,PhD

  • Surgery-Thoracic and Cardiac | Transplantation
  • Member of RWJBH Medical Group
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    Dr. Louis Stein is a cardiothoracic surgeon who performs all forms of adult cardiac surgery and specific interests include Valvular Heart Disease and Heart Failure. The son of a surgeon, Dr. Stein is a native to the region. He received his undergraduate degree, Master’s of Health Science, and PhD from the Johns Hopkins University. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA and subsequently completed a residency in General Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine / Yale-New Haven Hospital. Dr. Stein went on tocomplete a Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center. As a clinical instructor at Stanford University, he was trained in ECMO, Ventricu lar Assist Devices (VADs), and Heart and Lung Transplantation. Prior to joining RWJBarnabas Health, Dr. Stein was on the faculty at Albany Medical College, where he received the Grateful Patients and Families Champion Award.

    Dr. Stein focuses on addressing the challenges of End Stage Heart and Lung Disease with ECMO, VADs, and Transplantation. He is the Surgical Director of the NBI ECMO and Temporary Mechanical Support Program. Dr. Stein also has a particular interest in the treatment Valvular Heart Disease with percutaneous techniques such as TAVR and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Dr. Stein is the Director of Cardiovascular Research for the Department, and is active in both clinical and laboratory investigations. He has authored over 30 peer reviewed papers, commentaries, and book chapters, serves as a reviewer for several journals, and is member of the editorial boards of the American Journal of Cardiology and the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

    Philosophy of Care:

    It is vital to remember we are treating a unique patient – treatment decisions should be tailored to them as an individual. My job is to not only perform surgery, but to educate patients about their disease and treatment so they are comfortable with their plan of care. Each patient should be treated as though they were a member of the family.  

    Peer Reviewed Journals:

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    Books, Monographs, and Chapters:

    1. Stein L. Choudhary M, Silvestry, S. “The Current Era of Donor Allocation” in Heart Transplantation. Loforte (Ed) Intech. 2018
    1. Stein L and Silvestry, S. “Proposed Changes in the Heart Organ Allocation System” in Contemporary Heart Transplantation. Bogar and Mountis (Eds) 1st Edition. Springer, 2018.
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    Clinical Interests

    Adult Cardiac Surgery; Valvular Heart Disease; Heart Failure; Shock; Respiratory Failure; Mechanical Circulatory Support; ECMO; Heart Transplant; Lung Transplant; LVAD; Structural Heart Disease; Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)


    Aortic valve replacement; TAVR; Replacement of the Ascending Aorta; Mitral Valve Repair/Replacement; Tricuspid Repair/Replacement; Coronary Artery Revascularization (CABG); Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD); Heart Transplant; Lung Transplant; ECMO


    Heart Failure; Respiratory Failure; Shock; Aortic Dissection; Aneurysm of the Ascending Aorta; Stenosis/Regurgitation of the Aortic Valve; Mitral Valve Stenosis/Regurgitation; Endocarditis; Ischemic Heart Disease; Coronary Atherosclerosis

  • Medical School

    Jefferson Medical College
    Philadelphia, PA


    Yale-New Haven Hospital
    New Haven, CT


    NYU School of Medicine
    New York, NY

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