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    Clinical Expertise


    Clinical Interests

    Skin Care, Botox and Fillers, Ocular Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Medical School

    UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School, Newark NJ, 1981


    Internal Medicine College Hospital, Newark NJ, 1982


    Affiliated Eye Residencies of NJ (UMDNJ), Newark NJ, 1985


    University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada, 1986

    Title: Tropicamide & Phcnylephrine: a safe combination
    Authors: B.Maltzman, J.Neigel
    Publisher: Journal of Ocular Therapy & Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-84
    Issue: 3 (2): 82-84
    Description: Article

    Title: The Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome: computed tomoraphic changes & reversal after steroid therapy
    Authors: J.Neigel, J.Rootman, RG.Robinson, FA.Durity, RA.Nugent
    Publisher: Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology
    Date: 01-Jan-86
    Issue: 21 (7): 287-290
    Description: Article

    Title: Trabeculectomy with Cyclocryotherapy for Infantile Glaucoma in the Sturge-Weber Syndrome
    Authors: RS.Wagner, AR.Caputo, RG. DelNegro, JM.Neigel
    Publisher: Annals of Ophthalmology
    Date: 01-Jan-88
    Issue: 20 (8): 289-295
    Description: Article

    Title: The Crowded Orbital Apex Syndrome
    Authors: JM.Neigel, J.Rootman, RI.Belkin, RA.Nugent, SM.Drance, CW.Beattie, J.Spinelli
    Publisher: Opthalmology
    Date: 01-Jan-88
    Issue: 95 (11): 1515-1521
    Description: Article

    Title: Graves Orbitopathy: Correlation of CT & Clinical Findings
    Authors: RA.Nugent, RI.Belkin, JM.Neigel, J.Rootman, WD.Robertson, J.Spinelli, DA.Graeb
    Publisher: Radiology
    Date: 01-Jan-90
    Issue: 177 (3): 675-682
    Description: Article

    Title: Infestation of Extraocular Muscle by Cysticercus Cellulosac
    Authors: DA.Diloreto, RA.Kennedy, JM.Neigel, J.Rootman
    Publisher: British Journal of Ophthalmology
    Date: 01-Jan-90
    Issue: 74: 751-752
    Description: Article

    Title: Suture Removal After Blepharoplasty
    Authors: JM.Neigel
    Publisher: Archives of Ophthalmology
    Date: 01-Jan-91
    Issue: 109 (2): 175
    Description: Article

    Title: Use of Demineralized Bone Implants in Orbital & Craniofacial Reconstruction & a Review of the Literature
    Authors: JM.Neigel, PO.Ruzicka
    Publisher: Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-96
    Issue: 12
    Description: Article

    Title: Deepening of the Superior Sulcus After Isolated Lower Transconjunctival Belpharoplasty
    Authors: JM.Neigel, S.Lin, J.Schiller
    Publisher: The Journal of The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-04
    Issue: 20 (6): 433-435
    Description: Article

    Title: Adult xanthogranulormatous disease of the orbit and ocular adnexa: new immunohistochemical findings and clinical review
    Authors: JA.Sivak-Callcott, J.Rootman, SL.Rasmussen, RA.Nugent, VA.White, D.Paridaens, Z.Currie, G.Rose, B.Clark, AA.McNam, FV.Buffman, JM.Neigel, M.Kazim
    Publisher: Br J. Ophthalmol
    Date: 01-Jan-06
    Issue: 90: 602-608
    Description: Article

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