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    Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, 1994


    University of Pennsylvania, PA, 2000


    University of Pennsylvania, PA, 2000, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, 2000

    Title: In Vitro Evaluation of Nicotinamide Roboside Analogs against Haemophilus influence
    Authors: CP.Godek, MH.Cynamon
    Publisher: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    Date: 01-Jan-90
    Issue: 34, 1473-1479
    Description: Article

    Title: Risks of Synchronous Gastrointestinal or Biliary Surgery with Splenectomy for Hematologic Disease
    Authors: DB.McAneny, CP.Godek, ET.Scott, WW.LaMorte, RM.Beazley
    Publisher: Archives of Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-96
    Issue: 131, 372-376
    Description: Article

    Title: Plus-end Motors Override Minus-end Motors during Transport of Squid Axon Vesicles on Microtubules
    Authors: V.Muresan, CP.Godek, TS.Reese, BJ.Schnapp
    Publisher: Journal of Cell Biology
    Date: 01-Jan-96
    Issue: 135 (2), 383-397
    Description: Article

    Title: Endoscopic Versus Open Coronal Forehead Surgery: Surgeon Preference and Patient Satisfaction
    Authors: CP.Godek, LP.Bucky, BS.Flatt, P.Glat, DB.Sarwer, SP.Bartlett, LA.Whitaker
    Publisher: Plastic Surgery Forum XXII
    Date: 01-Jan-99
    Issue: 182-184
    Description: Article

    Title: Lip Reconstruction Following Mohs' Surgery: The Role for Composite Resection and Primary Closure
    Authors: CP.Godek, J.Weinzweig, SP.Bartlett
    Publisher: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-00
    Issue: 106 (4), 798-804
    Description: Article

    Title: National Plastic Surgery Survey: Brow Lifting Techniques and Complications
    Authors: A.Elkwood, A.Matarasso, M.Rankin, M.Elkowitz, CP.Godek
    Publisher: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Date: 01-Jan-01
    Issue: 108 (7), 2143-2150
    Description: Article

    Title: The Behavior of Fat Grafts in Recipient Areas with Enhanced Vascularity
    Authors: CP.Godek, CN.Baran, S.Celebioglu, O.Sensoz, B.Civelek, T.Ortak, L.Bucky
    Publisher: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Date: 15-Apr-02
    Issue: 109 (5):1652
    Description: Article

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