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    Educated 1958-1965 at Rajkumar Collage, Rajkot India- the first public school built under British India for the education of the Princely order of Western India completing UK's Cambridge University Syndicate's General Certificate of Education between O and A levels ( previously Known as Senior Cambridge ) essentially equivalent to First year of College. Completing pre-med joined Grant Medical College Mumbai as mention above under training. At the public school achieved scholastic ranks in class garnering Distinction in PHYSICS award by Cambridge University- basically became a scientist and a mathematician though destined for the medical tract.

    In Command and Control of the boarding school achieved the Rank of Senior Prefect and was awarded the Best prefect Award. In another Command and Control arena in Para-military training imparted to school and college students achieved the Rank of Troop Sargent and was chosen to represent as Regiment Sargent Major at the system which is called Nation Cadet Corps. On medical campus activated the Civil Defense Post - represented the campus as the sole cadet ensuring the the Disaster Preparedness for the campus and interacting with Mumbai City's Civil Defense Command and Control Operation's Center as center's Wireless Operations for Damage and Rescue operations 1971-72. Would meet any challenge to take care of Disaster Preparedness around our Campuses.

    During Internship led a group of 31 interns from 3 medical college in Mumbai, mostly from my campus, for voluntary mission to aid refugee camps of people displaced in eastern India. Worked with systems and material supplied by Swedish Mission, OXFAM, World Lutheran Foundation giving some western systems exposure.

    In Mumbai started as student pilot trainee achieving ground school proficiency; Teterboro, NJ is where I was awarded Private Pilot License while in Surgery Residency in the Bronx in 1973.

    Clinical Interests

    General urology: A professor of medicine once remarked urology pays the bills but mind is stimulated in conferences in this case it was weekly Medical grand rounds with attendance >15 yrs and in summation: Though, non flyer now, aviation, navigation, avia

  • Medical School

    Grant Medical College, Mumbai 1971


    Grant Medical College, Mumbai 1971-72


    Bronx-Lebanon Med Ctr,-Albert Einstein Med Coll, Bronx Ny- St Surg Internship And Residency For Total 3 1/2 Yrs Ending 06/30/1976


    Nassau Hosp Mineola- Va Manhattan With Nyu Urology Residency Rotation 7/1/1976- 6/30/1979