May 24, 2024 Teleflex Central Venous Catheter Course Hosted in Conjunction with the Institute for Nursing Excellence

Central Line Training Group Photo

Fariborz Rezai, MD, FCCP, FCCM; Evan Holtz, BSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS; Teleflex Team; Kevin Kurzweil, BS, MICP, CHSE, CHSO; Per Rosenkvist ACNP, VA-BC, CCRN

As part of an initiative to reduce central line acquired bloodstream infections, The Institute for Nursing Excellence in conjunction with the critical care service line, has hosted over 100 physicians and advanced practice providers in the Teleflex Central Venous Catheter insertion course since January 2024. While providers try to avoid using central lines whenever possible, certain treatments and patient conditions warrant their use. Learning how to do so safely is crucial in minimizing risk and preventing infection. After completing four-hours of online interactive learning modules, learners attend an in-depth skills session which includes equipment familiarization, ultrasound practice on a standardized patient, needle insertion task training, and a high-fidelity final insertion scenario. Through this tiered learning approach, learners are able to understand the importance of every aspect of central line insertion, including the decision to discontinue a central line as early as possible. The course emphasizes the importance of using the most current evidence-based techniques to ensure patient safety and compliance with industry standards. For more information about upcoming courses, email

Nurses participating in a training for central line catheter insertion