May 13, 2024 RWJBarnabas Health Offers Aira Navigation Services For Blind and Low-Vision Employees, Patients and Visitors - At No Cost

The Aira app provides Live, On Demand, Visual Interpretation in English, Spanish and French

hand holding a phone with the aira app on the screen

RWJBarnabas Health announces that it now offers Aira navigation services via a phone application (app) at all of its acute-care facilities for blind and low-vision employees, patients and visitors, at no cost. Aira (pronounced eye-ruh) is an app-based service that safely and securely connects individuals who are blind or low-vision to live, personal visual interpreter agents. Using a smartphone camera and the free Aira app, agents can view the individual’s surroundings and guide our blind or low-vision users throughout RWJBarnabas Health facilities in addition to assisting with other tasks where visual information can be useful, in English, Spanish or French.

The utilization of the Aira app across all acute-care facilities is part of RWJBarnabas Health’s steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and belonging to improve the health of the diverse patient communities served throughout New Jersey and beyond. This is one of the many ways that RWJBarnabas Health ensures equitable patient-centered care. Through this implementation, RWJBarnabas Health joins a host of other forward-thinking organizations that value accessibility and inclusivity.

“By offering instant access to visual information in real time, the Aira app helps make RWJBarnabas Health facilities easy and safe to navigate for community members who have vision impairment(s) and contributes to an enjoyable experience when in our facilities”, said Jill Anderson, System Vice President, Patient Experience for RWJBarnabas Health.

The service is available free of charge, courtesy of RWJBarnabas Health, when users are in any of the system’s locations. Aira’s trained visual interpreter agents assist with visually interpreting one’s surroundings – describing, reading, (such as medication doses), explaining, navigating – just about anything, safely and securely.

“RWJBarnabas Health is removing barriers and empowering individuals who are blind or have low vision.”, said Suzette Robinson, Vice President and Interim Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for RWJBarnabas Health. She continued, “We are proud to partner with Aira as it is a wonderful resource to assist with visual guidance and other tasks where visual information is useful.”

To access Aira, download the free Aira app (iOS App Store or Google Play) on your mobile phone. Launch the app and tap the button to be instantly connected to a trained visual interpreter, known as an Aira Agent. For more information, please visit

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