May 23, 2024 Monmouth Medical Center Bariatric Center Director Honored with Nursing Excellence Award

Daisy Award Group

CAPTION: Amber is shown front row fourth from left holding the DAISY Award banner with team members from bariatric surgery and hospital leadership.

Long Branch, NJ, May 23, 2024 - The nurse leader for Monmouth Medical Center’s bariatric surgery program, who was praised for both her extraordinary dedication to her patients and staff, has been honored with the quarterly DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses®.

Amber Cutone, MSN, RN, MEDSURG-BC, CBN, the director of patient care for both the bariatric surgery program and the hospital’s clinic services, was nominated for the DAISY Award by her colleagues, who shared:

In addition to working so effectively to produce high-quality Magnet narratives that exemplify her leadership skills, Amber collaborates well with the entire interprofessional group of physicians, social workers, dieticians, and ancillary staff to provide the best patient care to all patients in her individual clinics.

Her staff says that they appreciate her leadership, dedication, and constant support. She always makes a point to recognize their work and daily challenges and demonstrates how much she values her staff. Amber always has an open-door policy, and she makes it a priority to meet with each of them one-on-one for monthly meetings and team meetings weekly. She often uses the “Recognizing You” platform to show her appreciation.

Amber is incredibly involved in leading her nurses in evidenced-based and quality improvement projects and has demonstrated her leadership on the Enhanced Recovery After Bariatric Surgery initiative, which is now an important component of the bariatric surgical patients’ pre-surgical interventions. Amber was able to provide all of the requested data needed to show an improvement in the bariatric patients’ recovery and how she interacted with the clinical nurses in other departments to help disseminate the new process.

Amber is always looking for input as to how to collaborate with her team to improve the Outpatient Clinics and Bariatric Program. She also had full trust in her Bariatric Nurses during their recent, hugely successful Bariatric reaccreditation. All questions and concerns are always met with positive feedback and encouragement. Amber goes out of her way to compliment staff’s work ethic and to be sure they know how hard they work and are appreciated. In addition, she has provided guidance to further all staff professional development.

DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The DAISY Foundation was formed by the family of Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), an auto-immune disease. His widow, Tena, (a DAISY Co-founder) created the acronym, and the Foundation and established the DAISY Recognition Program to honor the super-human work nurses do every day at the bedside.


Kathy Horan