Jul 1, 2024 Foundations of Operating Room Nursing Mock Code Simulation at The Institute for Nursing Excellence


RWJBarnabas Health’s The Institute for Nursing Excellence held its Foundations of Operating Room (OR) Nursing for their May 2024 cohort of participants, at their Fort Monmouth facility in Oceanport, headquarters for the Center for Professional Development, Innovation and Research (CPDIR), and at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway. Kevin Kurzweil BS, MICP, CHSE, CHSOS, Director of Simulation, CPDIR Team, reviewed CPR (or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) during a mock code simulation that involves the use of sophisticated life-like manikins in realistic patient environments. These complex manikins, which are also known as human patient simulators or high-fidelity simulators, mimic human anatomy and physiology like expanding chests that breathe, heart rates and tones that are variable, measurable blood pressure and palpable pulses. Kevin, an expert in simulation and CPR, coaches and provides standards of practice to the nurses during cardiac emergencies simulations which may occur, where and when nurses may need to be ready and aware of what steps to take and lifesaving actions to perform during this type of emergency in the operating room.


The program also features guest lectures and medical expert presentations to enhance the nurses learning experience and provide hands-on opportunities to practice specific OR nursing clinical skills. The Foundations of OR Nursing is just one of the foundations of clinical practice for specialty areas offered through The Institute for Nursing Excellence, and this program is where education and skills for nurses entering the specialty of operating room nursing takes place. The CPDIR’s team of educators teach this dynamic course at two of The Institute’s OR Simulation Labs, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway, The Eisenhower in Livingston, and Fort Monmouth in Oceanport, and several times per year.


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