Sep 13, 2023 It’s Not too Soon to Think About Your Flu Shot

Flu season is upon us! Most influenza occurs between October and May and tends to intensify in January.

“Globally, influenza kills nearly half a million people with the very young and the elderly being most affected “explains Theresa M. Redling, DO, FACP, a geriatrician and RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group provider. Influenza deaths are often the result of complications such as pneumonia.

As for this year’s flu season, Dr. Redling cautions about the possibility of the “Tripledemic” -- the occurrence of COVID-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection -- is a real and concerning possibility. “It is all the more reason to get a flu shot and protect yourself,” she adds. “Each year you are vaccinated provides an increase in response to the vaccine.”

Dr. Reedling’s “take aways” when it comes to flu and flu vaccination are as follow:

  • Influenza causes death in vulnerable populations.
  • Influenza may increase your risk of having a heart attack in the week.
  • Weather variability may increase the spread of the flu virus.
  • Being fully vaccinated for influenza and pneumonia can reduce the chances of getting sick.
  • The bottom line, get vaccinated!