Jan 6, 2023 Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center Using High-tech Science to Lower Risk of Developing Pancreatic Cancer

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WCBS-NY (CBS) - New York, NY - Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center's Pancreatic Cyst Surveillance Program, a new health research program, was recently featured on WCBS-NY.

It's a cutting-edge combination of high-tech medical science and good old-fashioned medical sleuthing, said CBS2's John Elliott, who is in the program.

"We were absolutely thrilled to be the first in the region and one of the first in the country to onboard artificial intelligence for pancreatic cyst patients," said Dr. Russell C. Langan. "We know the cyst is the precursor lesion, so it's the perfect model to try to understand how do these cancers develop," said Dr. Brett Ecker. Watch the story.

CBS News New York