Dec 5, 2023 Just Relax – Easy to Say During the Holiday Season

By Patricia Nolan, PT, MPT, CIT-LANA, Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center

During the holiday season, stress can be at an all-time high. Stress can take a physical and mental toll. One way to reduce stress is by practicing meditation. The definition of meditate in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is "to engage in contemplation or reflection" and "to focus one's thoughts on: reflect on or ponder over." Meditation is a practice of mindfulness, focusing on a particular object, thought, or mantra to focus the mind which can ultimately help to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Try the following meditation by and just relax.

  • Get comfortable and prepare to sit still for a few minutes.
  • Focus on your breath. Where do you feel your breath most? In your belly? In your nose? Try to keep your attention on your inhale and exhale.
  • Follow your breath for two minutes. Take a deep inhale expanding your belly, and then exhale slowly, elongating the out — breathe as your belly contracts.

Patricia Nolan, PT, MPT, CIT-LANA, is a Physical Therapist at the Barnabas Health Ambulatory Care Center (ACC). Patricia has 22 years of clinical experience and has been on staff at the ACC since 2006. Her areas of specialty are lymphedema, breast cancer rehabilitation and pelvic floor dysfunction. She always strives to provide compassionate and understanding care for her patients.

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