Monmouth Medical Center Honors ED Manager as Employee of the Month

Long Branch, N.J., September 6th, 2022 – Emergency Department Patient Care/Interim Material Manager Vince Iorio is Monmouth Medical Center’s newest Employee of the Month. Praised as extremely knowledgeable in many things and as the go-to person when items in the department are broken, Vince was nominated by ED leadership for jumping in to his role as interim Material Manager and always making sure the department has the appropriate supplies and equipment needed to provide outstanding and safe care. They wrote:

“Vince has been very quick and consistent in meeting the numerous demands of the ED. If we are running low on a product that is needed, he is able to get us a back-up supply or acceptable substitution almost immediately; he knows what it takes to have the department run smoothly and safely. Most recently Vince noted that many cardiac leads are misplaced in the ED. To avoid the inconvenience and high cost to the department, he researched solutions and came up with an excellent idea of purchasing a wire connection to attach the leads to the monitor so that they can’t be misplaced. He personally purchased the wire locks and secured them to every cardiac lead in the department, saving hundreds of dollars and helping us avoid delay of patient care. Vince is a true exemplar of an innovative, creative team player who consistently displays a very positive attitude in the ED.”

Kathy Horan