Dec 9, 2022 Stroke Research Continues to Revolutionize Treatment Options

Igor Rybinnik, MD
Igor Rybinnik, MD

Tune in on a discussion with Dr. Rybinnik, Vascular Neurologist at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Associate Professor, Clerkship Director, Department of Neurology Division of Stroke and Neurocritical Care, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, on how research and medical advancement has greatly improved the treatment of stroke in the past decade, offering new hope for a complete recovery for many more people.

Dr. Rybinnik will discuss how the “Code Stroke Team” at the Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital can pinpoint the exact location of the clot that is blocking the blood flow to the brain through rapid deployment of our advanced imaging. In some cases advanced surgical procedures allow a neurosurgeon or neurointerventionalist to manually remove the blockage or stop the bleeding.

Based on participation in international clinical trials, we are learning that giving the clot busting medication is now safer to administer in more cases than previously thought.

Still, Dr. Rybinnik will discuss how the most important intervention starts with YOU. Recognizing the signs of stroke and calling 911 system immediately remains the best way to ensure a loved one can recover from a stroke. In addition to teaching us a simple acronym to remember the signs, Dr. Rybinnik will also discuss how rehabilitation, if appropriate, can provide many stroke patients with the opportunity of restoring as much prestroke functionality and quality of life as possible.

For more information, visit The Stroke Center at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

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