Prevention Is Better than Treatment (Webinar in Chinese)

Prevention is better than treatment. Do not forget routine screenings during the pandemic. Also learn about the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, and what the difference is between an "additional vaccine dose" and a "booster dose."

Speaker: Karen WeiRu Lin, MD, MS, Assistant Dean, Global Health, Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health, Director, Center for Healthy Families and Cultural Diversity at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Hosts: Chinese Medical Program at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and the Chinese Medical Program at Monmouth Medical Center

Coorganizer: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

華人醫療服務部“新疫期間,別忘了預防篩檢”網絡健康講座, 林偉如家庭醫生强調預防甚於治療,也希望大家重視篩檢及各項預防性檢查。講座中她同時分享並回答了很多第三針追加疫苗和補强疫苗的不同,及疫情的最新資訊。

主講人:林偉如醫師, 羅格斯大學醫學院環球醫療副院長, 羅格斯大學醫學院家庭醫學及社區健康系教授, 羅格斯大學家庭健康及多元文化主任, 羅格斯大學醫學院。

主辦:羅伯森巴拿巴斯醫療系統 新布朗士維克醫院/美門醫院 - 華人醫療服務部,協辦:羅格斯大學醫學院