We Are RWJBH Nurses: Meet Emergency Department Nurse Felicia

Emergency Department Nurse FeliciaRWJBarnabas Health nurses: 11,000 strong and the soul of the largest health care system in New Jersey.

They're skilled, compassionate and innovative clinicians, and we're excited to kick off a special social media series – We Are RWJBH Nurses – to introduce you to some of the nurses on our diverse team caring for our patients!

First up, meet Emergency Department Nurse Felicia Mignon. “I am a nurse because I love to help people and make a positive difference in their lives. I can make them laugh or hold their hand in their lowest moment and have an impact,” Felicia says.

In the fast-paced environment of emergency nursing, you never know what’s coming. “Every night I walk into work excited to take on the challenges with my amazing and supportive team,” says Felicia. “RWJBarnabas Health has helped me become a better nurse. If you’re passionate about helping people, don’t wait to pursue your dream.”

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