Joint Resolution of New Jersey Legislature Honors Monmouth Medical Center

Anna Burian, Eric Carney, and Jean McKinney

Shown with the Joint Legislative Resolution recently presented to MMC in recognition of its work with the Social Community Activities Network (SCAN) on behalf of Monmouth County’s senior community, are, from left, Anna Burian, Vice President of Ambulatory and Community Health, Monmouth Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Carney, and Jean McKinney, Regional Director of Community Health, Social Impact & Community Investment.

Long Branch, N.J. – Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) was recently honored with a joint resolution of the New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly recognizing the hospital as a recipient of the Leader of Distinction Award from the Social Community Activities Network (SCAN), a non-profit adult social education and resource center based in Eatontown.

“The New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly join SCAN in saluting MMC, highly esteemed in the Garden State, as a recipient of the Leaders of Distinction Award,” the proclamation states. “The award bears witness to the remarkable dedication and compassion of its leaders and staff during the COVID -19 pandemic. The strength and prosperity of New Jersey and the vitality of our American society greatly depend upon such concerned individuals, exemplified by the team behind Monmouth Medical Center, who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of others.”

MMC works collaboratively with SCAN to provide a host of health lectures, screenings and classes led by the hospital’s doctors and health care professionals. Dedicated to educating the community so they can live better, healthy, these programs have focused on topics such as heart health, stroke prevention, cancer awareness, nutrition and stress relief.

“It is part of the vision for Monmouth Medical Center to be a leader in forming innovative and collaborative relationships with our community, and we are exceedingly proud of our more than 35-year partnership with the Social Community Activates Network in service to our active adult community,” said Eric Carney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Monmouth Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus.

For decades, Monmouth Medical Center has been a recognized leader in the development of unique health care services for seniors. In 1982, a multidisciplinary geriatric team was established in response to the growing needs of older adults, laying the foundation for the Greenwall Geriatric Program. Today, the program coordinates health and social services for the elderly and their families, providing medical care for the older adult, assessment of memory disorders, education and support for caregivers and the health professional. Additionally, Monmouth introduced their Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) unit to better serve the needs of its growing senior population and to complement the hospital’s existing Geriatric Program.

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