DAISY Award Winner, Deanna Ciriaco

Daisy Award Winner Deanna Ciriaco, RN, Radiation Oncology, is pictured with Susan Garawitz, MPH, MSW, Vice President, Oncology Service Line; Sandra Mazzeo, MPA, RT-T, Director, Radiation Oncology; Mary Velardi-Stoffel, RN, nominator; and Maggie Lundberg, MSN, MPA, RN, CCRN, Chief Nursing Officer.

Congratulations to the latest DAISY Award Winner, Deanna Ciriaco, RN, Radiation Oncology. The following was submitted by Mary Velardi-Stoffel, RN, an SBMC Team member, in gratitude of the care Deanna provided her daughter.

“The Art of Nursing incorporates holistic care, conversations, accountability, clinical excellence, and the ability to make a connection. I have known many nurses throughout my career who have embodied many of these qualities but few who I can truly say have impressed me with their care and concern for a patient as did Deanna during the care of my daughter, Stephanie.

Stephanie was diagnosed with an invasive gynecological cancer necessitating both chemotherapy and radiation therapy along with subsequent surgery and a second course of chemotherapy. These treatments were uncomfortable, painful, and rife with side effects, that while not life threatening, impeded on her quality of life both during her treatments and even now.

While we assume that all nurses will exhibit kindness and caring in the face of a devastating disease, Deanna’s treatment was like a warm hug which encompassed my daughter and provided a support that became a friendship that endures to this day. I have glimpsed some of the after hospital care patients require when helping people post discharge from the emergency department, but I have never seen the type of follow up and comprehensive care that was provided by this wonderful, young woman. The care coordination was outstanding, the questions answered, and support provided overarching. If anyone is a natural navigator for cancer care and survivorship, it is Deanna.

Deanna provided direction and helped synchronize care seamlessly moving Stephanie between the Cancer Center practice, Infusion Center, lab, and hospital interventions and Radiation Oncology. Her assistance in so many matters made the difference between knowing how to handle the many questions that come up during varied cancer treatments and who to contact to get what you need. Quite frankly, her patient care, education, and support was and continues to be outstanding and something to be valued and celebrated within our hospital and system.

I will never be able to thank Deanna in a way that expresses my gratitude that she became a part of my daughter’s life. I thank god every day that she is in this role and that my daughter and so many others benefit from her care and knowledge set.”

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