Getting Back to Something Like “Normal”

Getting Back to Something Like “Normal”

One Source EAP Connections – June 2021

Due to recent CDC guidance regarding masks and fully vaccinated individuals, we are now seeing COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. Our lives are suddenly opening up and we're all exploring our “new normal.”

This is a time of major transition, whether family members are going back to school or work, or you’re heading back to onsite work yourself. The lives we've gotten used to are changing and research show’s that change equals stress.

There are ways employers, managers and co-workers can help each other reduce the anxiety associated with this transition. It starts with recognizing that there will be a period of emotional adjustment while schedules and comfort levels settle in to the new normal.

Should you need support adjusting to your new normal, One Source EAP can help. To use your benefit, call (800) 300-0628. The Access Center is open 24/7/365. Contact with the EAP is completely confidential!

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Tips for Smooth the Transition

You’re not alone. Nearly 50% of people are anxious about getting back to normal, this CNBC article provides tips to cope.

We all have a part to support each other.

For Leadership: This article from the MIT Sloan Management Review describes what Leaders can do to make employees feel supported and safe.

For Employees: This CNBC article provides steps to managing your return to “normal” anxiety including:

  • Identify your feelings of anxiety
  • Manage anxiety with preparation
  • Vocalize what you can tolerate
  • Schedule in joy
  • Take your symptoms seriously

Let One Source EAP Help You Deal with Your New Normal

Whether your team has been onsite throughout the pandemic or is returning to the workplace, schedule an EAP seminar, such as When Life Returns to “Normal” Watch the new Calm Collection video “Drumming Away Stress,” to learn how rhythm-based exercises reduce stress, enhance teams and promote happiness. It’s also a seminar! Your HR partner can help you request seminars for your team. Access all these resources and more on the One Source EAP website.

EAP Newsletter June 2021To take advantage of your EAP benefit, contact 800.300.0628, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Contact with the EAP is completely confidential!

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