Preventing Falls at Home

woman looking out windowHere are some tips to reduce the risk of falling at home:

Tips to prevent tripping
To prevent tripping, take these steps:

  • Lighting: Have bright lighting in your home. Bright light helps you to avoid tripping over objects that are hard to see. Be sure the stairs are well lit. Put night lights in the bedroom, hallways, and bathroom.
  • Rugs and cords: Fasten rugs firmly to the floor, or use rugs with non-skid backing. Tack down all loose ends on rugs. Move electrical cords from areas of the floor where you walk.
  • Grab bars: Install grab bars in the bathroom. Put them in the bath and shower and next to the toilet. Do not hold onto towel bars or soap dishes when you move in the bathroom. These items may not be strong enough to support you.
  • Hand rails: Avoid using stairs without hand rails. Install sturdy hand rails on all stairs.
  • Kitchen items: Place kitchen items within easy reach. Do not store things too high or too low. When things are easy to reach, you will not need to use a step ladder or a stool. You also can avoid reaching and bending over.
  • Footwear: Wear shoes and slippers that fit well and have firm, non-skid soles. Do not wear loose-fitting shoes or slippers.

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