Aug 31, 2020 Dr. Zaboski Joins Wound Healing Center

dr zaboski

Trinitas Regional Medical Center welcomes Dr. Michael R. Zaboski to the Trinitas Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine. Known for his razor-sharp memory and calming presence, Dr. Zaboski is a true asset to the team.

“I bring experience in enhancing the wellness of the whole person to my wound care management,” says Dr. Zaboski, who joined Trinitas in 1990 in private practice with Dr. William McHugh. He was also appointed to the teaching staff at Trinitas, and has been an active associate professor of medicine for both Seton Hall University and now Rutgers University as well. Recently, he was awarded Faculty of the Year for Internal Medicine at the Trinitas/Rutgers NJ Medical School Class of 2020 graduation.

Dr. Zaboski is no stranger to wound care. While attending medical school at Saint George’s University School of Medicine, he received extensive experience in wound care management in his surgical rotation at Queen Alexandria Hospital in Portsmouth, England. He was named Chief Resident at St. Elizabeth Hospital, whose program converted to the Seton Hall University School of Graduate Medical Education. During the conversion of Saint Elizabeth Hospital to Trinitas Hospital (before it became TRMC), he started as treasurer, then became vice president, then president of the medical staff.

“Wound care is not simply choosing the right dressing or even performing minor surgeries. It's primarily about making the whole person better and then the healing will follow,” says the avid gardener and Elizabeth resident. “This is akin to growing crops in your garden. There has to be adequate water and nutrition, good fertile soil, and sunlight for the plants to grow. In wound care, the individual has to have adequate nutrition and general health the wound has to be cleaned and re- invigorated to start growing again; and it has to have the right environment to heal.”

He adds, “We use a holistic approach in the Trinitas Center for Wound Healing. We have expertise in advising people on their general medical condition so that their wounds can heal. We are experts in the management of the wound itself both in surgical management as well as the proper dressing needed to get chronic wounds better.”

For more information, call the office, 908-994-5480, located at 240 Williamson St., Suite 104.

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