Sensible Substitutions for Cutting Calories

With overeating on the rise throughout the world, and so many discrepancies as to which “diet” will provide optimal weight loss – we will share eight sure-fire tips to cut calories. The tips are courtesy of Ace’s January 2018 Fitness Journal:

Substitute unhealthy food items for ones with similar consistencies to make for healthier meals throughout the day!

  1. Replace mayonnaise, which can often have over 50 calories per tablespoon, with plain Greek yogurt, in things like dips, tuna, or chicken salad. For sandwiches, use mustard in place of mayonnaise.
  2. Leave the sugar out of your tea and coffee and instead, use cinnamon, which has plenty of healthful components and helps stabilize blood sugar.
  3. When getting dessert or a sweet treat of some kind, opt for the miniature version.
  4. When you’re out to eat, make smart swaps when you order, such as swapping fries for vegetables, or in the instance of ordering a burrito or wrap, order your meal “naked” (without the tortilla).
  5. Instead of appetizers AND a meal, order two appetizers.
  6. Stick to the smallest portion size available, and in the case of ordering soda or sweets, opt for the kiddie size, if that’s an option.
  7. Opt for thin crust or even cauliflower pizza crust over regular pizza.
  8. Swap the milk in your lattes or coffee drinks for fat-free milk or unsweetened almond or coconut milk.