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Graduates & AlumniMay 2019 Graduates

May 2019 Graduates

Trinitas School of Nursing Graduates 74

May 2019 Graduates

Dozens of new nurses celebrate their accomplishment

Seventy-four students received their nursing diplomas at the Trinitas School of Nursing 162nd Convocation Ceremony held recently at St. Michael’s Church in Cranford. Surrounded by family, friends, and staff that supported their efforts every step of the way, 63 women and 11 men proudly accepted their pins and became eligible to sit for the registered nurse licensing exam.

“The Trinitas School of Nursing is so proud of the Class of May 2019,” said Rose Santee, Dean of the Trinitas School of Nursing, which is affiliated with Union College, and also awards Associates in Science Degrees to the graduates. “Their determination and hard work has paid off. It’s exciting for the administration, faculty and staff members when our students graduate. We will miss them, but more, we are full of the satisfaction that we have guided yet another group of capable nurses who are now ready to move out of the classroom and join the nursing workforce.”

The Senior Class Address was delivered by graduate nurse Bria Gail Walston-Lindsey and welcoming remarks were made by graduate nurse Stephanie J. Cobos-Proano.

Graduates of the School of Nursing include: Oluwagbemisola Jacklyn Adedeji, Sonia R. Almeida, Karen Aquino-Lopez, Briona K. Bailey-Williams, Lucelia Borges Valle, Stephanie Cajigas, Sharon J. Cando, Tawanna Crystal Canterbury, Blossom A. Carew, Luana Salgado Castro, Laura A. Clement, Amanda L. Crisafulli, Stephanie J. Cobos-Proano, Joseph Emilio Cruz, Pierre Dalmacy, Ruth L. Dileo, Enez R. Disporto, Ana Alicia Dorta-Perez; Jacqueline M. Eustis, Diana Garcia, Glenn G. Gargalicano, Myriam Gerard, Johanna A. Gomez-Guevara, Paola Andrea Figueroa Gonzalez, Julyssa Aileen Gonzalez, Gabriella Kelly Henry, Hipatia C. Hernandez-Caza, Matthew L. Ignacio, Jelynn M. Irizarry, Nkonye Isioji-Ijeh, Ewa R. Janowitz, Vikas Javed, Tamesha Jenkins, Tamara Jerome, Myisha Kenchen-Jones, Olena Khaietska, Anh Le, Nikkalyn Teresa Lee, Lisa Levonas, Vincent J. Livingston, Danae D. Llorente Zamora, Ruth N. Lopez, Sabrina F. Lopes, Milena I. Ludizaca, Bernitte Manigat, Ninoska R. Manzanares-Gomes, Karelim Mendoza, Jensy N. Morales, Priscilla Mourad, Janella A. Ovalles, Charleen Padilla, Ryanne Felicia Valdez Paras, Lauren Paupaw, Wynalda Philippe, Melia Pierre, Lashonda N. Reed, Nataly C. Reyes, Tishana Elizabeth Riley, Maria Ines Rua, Steven Salmeron, Frederick Gardose Sellona, Stephanie L. Simoes, Dana B. Simonson, Michele Penelope Squeri, Yardley P. Tigse-Yunda, Gloria S. Torres, Jenny A. Ventura, Bria Gail Walston-Lindsey, Jemar A. Wright, Amanda T. Yehia, Randy O. Yhap Jr., Margarita Yuriyeva, Susanna Zeferino, and Kaitlin E. Zimmerman.

Awards were given to graduates as follows:

  • First Scholarship Award, Priscilla Mourad, (Maplewood)
  • Second Scholarship Award, Jacqueline M. Eustis (Dunellen)
  • Auxiliary Award, Vikas Javed (Elizabeth)
  • 2019 Nursing Service Professional Transformation Award, Dana B. Simonson (Union)
  • Lily Bierstein Memorial Award, Bria Gail Walston-Lindsey (Vauxhall)
  • Gerontological Nursing Award, Jemar A. Wright (Hillside)
  • Alumni Association Award, Amanda T. Yehia (Staten Island, NY)
  • Curtis Crumbley Memorial Award, Myisha Kenchen-Jones (Union)
  • Naeisha Massenburg Memorial Award, Stephanie J. Cobos-Proano (Elizabeth)
  • George F. Billington Leadership Award, Randy O. Yhap Jr. (Staten Island, NY)
  • Emily H. Wall Memorial Award, Jensy N. Morales (Elizabeth)

Trinitas School of Nursing currently holds full accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), and the New Jersey State Board of Nursing. The National League for Nursing has awarded the School of Nursing a third designation as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education status for the years 2015 – 2020 for Creating Environments that Enhance Student Learning and Professional Development. The School also holds a 20-year, 40-class national licensing examination (NCLEX) passage rate of 86.30% on first writing.