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Student Nurses Association

The goal of the Student Nurse Association is to help mold the future professionals of the nursing field. Only through involvement can we implement change. You are the future leaders of the nursing profession! Professionalism and Leadership begin here. (NJSNA, 2009)

We recognize the Core Values, established by the National Student Nurses Association, Inc.

Leadership and Autonomy
Quality Education

Pictured: Professor Grillo-Dias, Professor Graf-Kirk, Dean Santee, Anjali Badeti (NJNS), Pearl Bengali (NJNS), Professor Devera-Bonilla, Florencia Favale (TSNA President), and Lauren Bedell (TSNA VP and NJNS).

Trinitas School of Nursing Student Nurses Association

The SNA is the student government organization at Trinitas School of Nursing. The purpose is to provide a forum for students to address their educational environment and to foster leadership skills and professional development.

As a Trinitas School of Nursing student, you are a member of the SNA. All students are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. The meetings are currently virtual and meeting dates and times are posted in the Canvas Community shell.

Pictured: Anjali Badeti (NJNS), Pearl Bengali (NJNS), Dean Santee, Florencia Favale (TSNA President), and Lauren Bedell (TSNA VP and NJNS).

Faculty Advisor, Professor Devera-Bonilla ( )

Active Participation in the SNA …

  • Fosters leadership skills and responsibility
  • Builds connections with students from other nursing classes
  • Establishes a working relationship between students and faculty
  • Allows students to discuss matters of concern
  • Facilitates activities that enhance and promote TSON

Student officers

  • SNA President
  • SNA Vice President
  • SNA Secretary/Treasurer
  • SNA Media Coordinator

*Officers are invited to represent TSON students at faculty Curriculum, School Council, and TSON Advisory Board meetings.

SNA Student Class Representatives

  • Take direction from SNA officers and faculty advisor
  • Encourage class members to attend SNA meetings
  • Solicit from class any issues of concern
  • Communicate issues of concern during SNA meetings

Pictured: Lauren Bedell (TSNA VP and NJNS), Julia Noon (NJNS President), Anjali Badeti (NJNS), Pearl Bengali (NJNS), and Florencia Favale (TSNA President).

SNA Community Projects and Volunteer Opportunities

The SNA participates in projects throughout the academic year.

  • Attending NJLN Convention and Awards ceremonies
  • Attending Graduate luncheon
  • Attending Convocation
  • Organizing donation baskets
  • Planning SNA sponsored volunteer events