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Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Departments at RWJBarnabas Health provide high quality and emergent medical care throughout the state of New Jersey. RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group’s board-certified providers who practice emergency medicine diagnose and treat potentially life-threatening conditions. Our medical team is dedicated to helping patients with emergency services, addressing a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, from the flu to traumatic brain injuries and many other potentially life-threatening conditions. We use the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to meet the needs of our patients, no matter the severity of their ailments.

What to Expect at Our New Jersey Emergency Rooms

When you are admitted to our Emergency Departments (“the ER”), the first, most critical step is to be seen by a triage nurse. These nurses are specially trained to work in an emergency room and will check your vital signs, including temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. If the injury or illness is severe or life-threatening, the patient may need to be seen by a physician immediately. Those with less severe ailments may need X-rays or lab work done before seeing a physician.

If your condition is severe, you may be kept for observation or admitted to the hospital for further treatment. Patients whose ailments are less severe can often be treated in the ER and sent home the same day with follow up instructions and any necessary prescriptions.

When to Visit An Emergency Department

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a medical emergency can help save your life or that of a loved one. If you are member or your family is experiencing severe or sudden life-threatening symptoms, call 911 or go to your nearest ER immediately.

Appointments are not needed at our Emergency Departments at RWJBarnabas Health.