Midwifery Services

A More Holistic Approach to Pregnancy Health and Childbirth

Working with a qualified nurse-midwife provides a more holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth than a traditional hospital delivery. Midwives, however, can and do deliver babies in hospitals – it is a myth that midwives only deliver babies at their patients’ homes. The difference is a midwife is more focused on minimal medical intervention unless it is necessary.

At RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group, our trusted, knowledgeable midwives are qualified health care professionals with advanced degrees in women’s health and midwifery. Our midwives are advanced practice nurses who provide comprehensive, personalized care from contraception counseling, and pre-natal care to labor, and delivery, all while working alongside a board-certified obstetrician to ensure you receive the highest level of care.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Midwife?

Every expectant mother wants safe, personalized health care that addresses her unique needs – physically, socially, and spiritually. Midwives are focused on maintaining your health and helping you make educated choices about your medical care. Midwives also provide assistance during labor and delivery and can consult your obstetrician if any complications arise. Apart from pregnancy, midwives also provide yearly well-woman exams, family planning and can be consulted for common health concerns.

You can consult a midwife on many aspects related to childbearing, such as:

  • Preconception counseling
  • Collaboration with your OB/GYN
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Exercise needs
  • Breastfeeding education and support
  • Local support groups for parenting

Many women are attracted to the midwifery service for their pregnancy, because midwives are unique among health care professionals. Midwives recognize that pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all a natural biological process and strive to facilitate labors with few, if any, interventions, unless necessary for the mother and child’s safety. During the birth experience, midwives always respect their patients’ decisions as long as their health status is preserved.

Interested in Midwife Services in New Jersey?

As advanced practice nurses, our midwives provide comprehensive, gentle care and have advanced training to recognize when additional intervention is necessary for a safe birth. If you have questions about whether midwife services would be right for you, please contact us.


To make an appointment with one of our RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group midwives, existing patients can call a provider's office or visit MyChart and schedule an appointment online, at their convenience. New patients, please call 1-888-724-7123.