LASIK IntraLase® Blade-Free Technology

The Barnabas Health Refractive Surgery Center Offers The Latest LASIK IntraLase® Blade-Free Technology

Imagine a procedure so precise, it measures the eye’s tiniest imperfections and creates a blueprint for the laser correction process. In the hands of skilled specialists, these technologies can deliver extraordinary results - improvements which can result in 20/20 vision or better.

At the Barnabas Health Refractive Surgery Center:

  • Your ophthalmologist utilizes IntraLase® Laser, the most advanced technology for laser vision correction available for use in the first step of the procedure. This laser can offer benefits such as better vision, reduced risk of complications, reduced incidence of dry eye, improved comfort and fewer re-treatments. Because of its consistent accuracy, patients who formerly were not considered as candidates for LASIK, like those with thin corneas, may now be eligible.
  • In the second step, CustomVueTM may be used to guide the correction process, helping patients to achieve their best possible vision potential.
  • Family members may watch LASIK and other vision correction procedures from an observation room.

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