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Dear Jennifer, Thank you for the very informative diabetes classes which I attended in January 2015. So many of my questions were answered and will help me in dealing with diabetes. You had a great presentation and I looked forward to them each week. I will attend future seminars. Thank you.

Marilyn, West Orange NJ

Both of you and all of your efforts were terrific and the classes were like college lectures. Hard to compile as much information as was presented, on our own, which was given to us over 8 hours...and with as much to gain as one wants to gain with the information content and more....not to mention the resourceful informational brochures that were given to us in plenty. The exchange lists were really very helpful as also having our menu worksheets analyzed and modified to suit us.

Mani has also been to cardiac rehabilitation monitored exercise program and is transitioning from there and has reached almost her ideal BMI numbers. She is on twice a day Glipizide and is approaching the stage of almost requesting to reduce/hold the evening dose.

I have mentioned to my doctor how valuable your classes were to us and mentioned your names and how great you guys were. My HbA1C has dropped from around 7.6 to 6.9 which was also accurately predicted by the both of you.

I have lost 12 lbs. in 3 months @ 1 lb. per week with the behavioral motivational goals worksheet and going for progressive weight loss till ideal weight for my age and done. Also my Triglycerides are back to within normal limits after very many years owing to the healthy substitutions that I have made as suggested from the classes.

My primary doctor is also really very happy with the all-around turn of my lab results and to my better health.

Both of us are really thrilled with what we have acquired from your classes.

Madhavan, West Orange

"Elaine was a fantastic teacher. She really explained the aspects of Diabetes. The overheads that both teachers used made the information so clear. This was an outstanding class and I am so glad I attended. I have a much greater understanding of my disease. Jennifer - My first encounter to my Type 2 Diabetes was through Jennifer. She was kind and compassionate. She commanded the knowledge of diabetes and provided me with information about the pathway of insulin resistance."

Kathy, Flemington NJ

"Classes were very informative and helpful to me. Learned many new things regarding meds, nutrition and importance of exercise. Highly recommend."

Patricia, Fairfield NJ

"As a result of the information received from the course I learned the correct way to administer my injectable medications. My HgA1c has gone from a reading of 9.6 in Aug 2011 to 7.2 in Oct. 2011"

Kurt, West Orange NJ

"Being diagnosed as a diabetic was a very unexpected and a life-changing experience for me. However, the seminars conducted by you and Elaine and offered by Cooperman Barnabas have been an enormous benefit. With the information and insight I now have, I feel better equipped to manage my diabetes. Your seminars should be a 'must attend' requirement for all diabetes patients and their family."

Veronica, Kinnelon NJ

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Patient Stories

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