Taylor V Castles

"I’ve built my castle walls—
Perfect in every way—"

I’ve built my castle walls—
Perfect in every way—
Suffering and laboring,
Day by loathsome day.
Elaborate architecture—
Beauty of my form
Carved and crafted feverishly,
Through the hateful storm.

Facades of strength and power,
Keep them all at bay.
Allies cannot enter here,
I’ve turned them all away.
Nourishment, emotions—
I’ve banished from my realm.
I keep my secrets safe and sound
From my “base” up to my “helm.”

Though protected I always felt,
I never realized,
A vicious enemy
Was already inside.
It lurks within the dungeons
Of my ailing brain
Whispering a deadly curse
That I cannot restrain.

Barricades and barriers,
Truly are no match.
This prisoner’s powers
Demolish every latch.
Bouts of chaos and despair
Are raging from within,
And waiting to destroy me,
If love can’t enter in.

At first my soul was helpless,
Bowing to the dark
Until finally I could see
Love’s dying sparks.
I gathered up my strength
And let my drawbridge down,
So love, light, and friendship,
Would make this demon drown.

Together with an army,
Of virtue and light,
We’ll call upon courage,
And put up a great fight.
Soon starved walls and barren halls
Will fill with life and health,
The villain will diminish,
Restoring my soul’s wealth.