Rosaline C Cancer - Rosaline's Story

"Giving back to the place where I received such amazing care is very important to me."

A breast cancer diagnosis four years ago came as a shock to Hamilton resident Rosaline Commiso. Although it was not easy, she is thankful that the cancer center at RWJUH Hamilton was here close to home when she needed it most. Rosaline’s care and the bonds she formed with our staff made such a tremendous impression on her, that one year after her last radiation treatment Rosaline became a volunteer. She has been offering company and encouragement to cancer patients undergoing infusion treatments since 2015.

In her words…

I woke up one day with a lump in my breast and my whole life changed. I panicked. Fear is the first reaction when you are faced with such a shocking diagnosis but after my first visit to the cancer center, I felt reassured. Along with my faith and my wonderful husband of 50 years, I truly credit the team here with getting me through my diagnosis and treatment. Battling cancer is very, very hard physically and emotionally. The entire year 2014 was dedicated to my fight. Then, when I was feeling well again, I knew I wanted to come back and try to help others going through the same hard time. Giving back to the place where I received such amazing care is very important to me. I volunteer in the infusion area, working alongside the wonderful nurses I call the ‘Fab Five’ because of how fabulous they are. These women provide the best clinical care and they are also so kind and caring. Each member of the team goes above and beyond, connecting with patients on a personal level. Everyone is treated equally here and with respect. Even on the busiest day, you feel like the only patient and that means so much when you are going through such a difficult time. I come here to volunteer with joy in my heart and I try to comfort patients as someone who understands what they are going through. I have been there. I know how scary it is to sit in that chair for the first time and receive your first treatment and I try to provide some small measure of hope. Having access to such outstanding, personal cancer care so close to home is truly a blessing for our community and I am so proud to be a part of it.”

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