Estelle J A dancing queen takes the floor once more

“I’m so glad I did it — Somerset got me back to dancing.”

Dancing is in Estelle Julian’s bones, and nothing makes her happier than moving to a beat. But when the bones in her right hip wore down, Julian knew that she had to face the music and consider having joint replacement surgery.

“One day this past spring, I suddenly felt such severe pain that I couldn’t move, and I knew it was something an aspirin wasn’t going to cure,” says Julian, 79, of Hillsborough.

Squeezing Surgery into Her Schedule
Julian met with one of the expert orthopedic surgeons at Somerset Medical Center’s Joint Surgery Institute, the only hospital in Central New Jersey to receive the HealthGrades Orthopedic Excellence Award™ three years in a row. After a thorough evaluation, hip replacement surgery was determined to be the best treatment to ease her overwhelming pain.

But Julian had never undergone surgery before and worried that it would interrupt her crowded calendar. In addition to working as a real estate agent, she also danced with the Hillsborough Rockettes, a group that entertains seniors in older adult communities and nursing homes. She sat on the advisory council for the Somerset County Office of Aging and Disability and served as a front desk volunteer at Somerset Medical Center. She was also named a Somerset County “Profile in Positive Aging Role Model” for her contributions to the community, to name just a few of her activities and honors.

“I really thrive on staying busy, but I knew I couldn’t continue to do so with a bad hip,” Julian says.

Teamwork Gets Julian Back on Her Feet
In May, the experienced surgical team at the Joint Surgery Institute implanted a prosthetic hip in Julian. Orthopedic nurses, therapists and technicians worked together to provide her with preoperative education and outstanding care in a state-of-the-art environment.

“Our well-rounded, hands-on program fully prepared Estelle for surgery. After her hip replacement, we took an aggressive approach to therapy that set her up for a successful recovery,” says Randy Thomas, RN, joint care coordinator at the Joint Surgery Institute.

Continuing care from a visiting nurse, home health aide and physical therapist contributed to Julian’s recovery at home as she healed from surgery and adjusted to walking again. With the added aid of her husband, daughter and friends, she was up and around in no time.

Dance to the Music!
Five months after receiving her new hip, Julian was once again working, driving, volunteering and, of course, dancing with the Hillsborough Rockettes.

“It took a few months after hip replacement surgery to fully heal, but it was well worth it to enjoy life without pain,” Julian states. “I’m so glad I did it — Somerset got me back to dancing.”

Is joint pain keeping you from the activities you love? It may be time to consider joint replacement surgery. The experts at the Joint Surgery Institute at Somerset Medical Center can help you decide. Call 908-704-3789 or visit and take the first step toward renewed health.